Working together with you to care for our bountiful earth

In Sri Lanka, we have never discarded or wasted any part of what we consider the miracle tree.

Every single part of the coconut tree has been used for centuries and is used to this day - from the roots for medicinal purposes, to the oil and flesh for cooking, the leaves for thatching roofs and mats to sleep on, and the coconut shells as kitchen and tableware. 

To complement our range of coconut shell products, we have also sourced handwoven and hand painted table settings and cushions from artisans using age old traditional methods in Sri Lanka.

We are proud to bring our heritage to your home. 

Have yourself a merry tropical Christmas!

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This video has been reproduced with the kind permission of Archive Farms, Inc. James A. Fitzpatrick narrates impressions of Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon) in 1932. There is something about black and white cinematography from early in the last century that is fascinating to watch. You will see that Sri Lankans have sustained their environment by using all parts of the coconut tree for centuries. It truly is the miracle tree.