About Us

Around the world there are men and women who still build wonderful products with their hands. These people may not have much, but have an incredible skill and talent. 
Thatch'd Roof finds these craftspeople and showcases their exquisite crafts to the world. Since every piece is handmade, every piece is unique. This is the allure of having these products in our homes, adding vibrancy, colour and culture. 

The coconut tree is the most valued tree in Sri Lanka and has been an intricate part of everyday life for centuries. Every part of the tree is used, from leaves to roots. Our company name was inspired by the working conditions of the craftspeople of Sri Lanka, who used roofs thatched with coconut leaves to stay cool in the tropical climate.

What sets us apart is that we are Sri Lankan born and bred and now proudly Australian. We have first-hand knowledge of both of our cultures and only sell products we grew up with and which formed a part of every Sri Lankan's life for generations.
We value our craftspeople and are proud of their skill. We support them by paying fair prices for their work, to improve their lifestyle and to continue the preservation of their craft for generations to come.  
We care about the environment and are concerned about the degradation mass production is causing. We are not only losing the beauty of the handmade, but we are pumping our earth with pollutants and toxins. 

Our coconut shell bowls are recycled, biodegradable and completely natural.

Many of our fabric products have been handwoven or handmade by local artisans whose craftsmanship has been preserved and is used today to create beautiful fabric in vibrant and exciting tropical colours.

The use of coconut bowls in food preparation and serving is not a new concept to us. We have used coconut spoons, bowls and tableware, and appreciate the beauty and versatility of these products. We are proud and passionate about the products that we sell. 

We hope you enjoy our handmade products.